Bangladesh Society of Radiotherapy Technologists (BSRTT) was established in 2008 to unite all radiation therapy technologists who work in Bangladesh’s radiation oncology sector and provide a platform to share opinions and experiences. Its goal is to promote radiation technology and physics in medicine and encourage professional recognition, a uniform guideline, designation, academic development, and information exchange among members. 

The association also conducts annual conferences, workshops, and continuing medical education (CME) sessions at regional, national, and international levels to facilitate the dissemination of new knowledge and ideas. Furthermore, the association collaborates with similar organizations worldwide to improve the quality of radiotherapy in Bangladesh.

Our association aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • To recognize the profession and promote its value and importance.
  • To establish a uniform syllabus and designation for the profession.
  • To foster the development of academic activities related to the profession.
  • To facilitate the exchange of information among members to keep them informed of technological advancements.
  • To define the responsibilities of radiation technologists and promote their adherence to professional standards.
  • To organize annual professional conferences, workshops, and continuing medical education sessions at the regional level.

The code of ethics we follow:

  • Professionals are committed to providing services to humanity with respect for human dignity.
  • Patient care and services should be delivered without any personal bias or discrimination.
  • Careful assessment of situations and decision-making should be exercised in the best interest of patients.
  • Adherence to the principles and domains of the scope of practice for radiation technologists is required.
  • Lifelong learning is expected to continuously enhance professional competence and knowledge.
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